Jaipur Furniture Ltd

Mango & Sheesham Wood Furniture by Jaipur Furniture Ltd.

Are you familiar with Jaipur Furniture Ltd If not here’s an introduction!Jaipur Furniture Ltd

If you are familiar with Jaipur Furniture then you already know photos cannot show the true beauty, quality & hand craftsmanship inherent in our pieces.

The weight, the scale & sturdiness of each piece attests to the fact that behind each offering from Jaipur home is a passionate craftsman.

If you are searching for the best Handmade Furniture in the industry, you need look no further.

Below is a short list of just some fine Ranges available to buy on theFurnitureSuppliesUKOnline Furniture Shop.

Aravali | Ravi | Industrial | Rustic | Mandakini | Jali | Dakota | Ganga | Yoga | Wow | Oker | Nive | Shipra | Esha + Many More!

Available for home delivery within 1-3 weeks

Jaipur Furniture

Jaipur Furniture | Real Solid Wood Furniture for Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Study & every room around the home.

Aravali, Cadiz, Cosmo, Light Dakota, Dark Dakota, Ganga, Light Jali, Honey Jali, Mandakini, Ravi, Yoga & much more on the way!


Aravali Furniture Range

Cube Range

Cadiz Sheesham Wood Furniture

Cube Range

Cube Range By Jaipur Furniture


Medium Dakota Furniture

Light Dakota

Light Dakota Furniture

Jali Light

Light Jali Furniture Range


Mandakini Furniture Ashoka Range

Ravi | Industrial

Ravi Industrial Furniture

Yoga | Light & Dark

Yoga Light & Dark Mango Wood Furniture